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“Dear Weda and the entire ABC Daycare Staff, 

        Scott and I want to thank you for the outstanding care you have given Sam and for the peace of mind you have given us. The hardest thing for a parent to do is to leave their child in the care of strangers. One of the things that makes your daycare so special is that you understand this. There is not a day that goes by that I worry that Sam is not well taken care of. Not only do I know that he is safe, fed, warm and dry, I also know that he is being stimulated intellectually, physically and socially, that he is having fun and mostly that he feels safe, secure, and well loved by you and all his friends.”


- Beth and Scott G. 



“We give our highest unqualified endorsement of [ABC] Daycare. Weda, Charlotte, and the others provide a loving, secure, educational and lively environment for all children placed under their supervision. Our daughter, Rachael, always felt special when greeted by Miss Weda. Hardly a day passed in which Weda or Charlotte didn’t tell us of a cute comment or a notable achievement. Rachel still enjoys visiting the Gressett household even though she has moved on to pre-school. 

           Maria conducted extensive research of many daycare centers in the area before deciding on [ABC Daycare]. Never for a moment have we questioned our judgement. Not only are young children’s physical needs well provided for, but their social interaction and age appropriate academic skills are excellently developed. We are especially impressed by the continual efforts to stay abreast of the latest advancements in child care. To sum up, [ABC] is a fun place to send your youngster. Fun for children; great for parents’ peace of mind. “


- Sam and Maria H.



“When I was on my mad search for decent child care for my 19 month old baby girl, I must have interviewed over twelve places before I found [ABC Daycare]. I was in search of a “mother goose” type environment, very loving, caring, rhythmical, stimulating, and almost imaginary. 

         What I found is as close as it gets. [ABC Daycare] has the professional standards and personal values that are important for our impressionable children. They are the ideal role models as child care providers.”


- Natasha R. 

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